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Buying a pinpointer

Buy a Pinpointer! It is one of the essential tools for all detectorists. It is a small detector for the rapid detection of small metal finds. Once you have started using a pinpointer, you do not understand that you have managed without one. Using a pinpointer makes your search much easier and faster.

If you only metal detect on sandy beaches, you can do well without it. It is easy to pass through the sand after the target indication, but it is an absolute must in all other diggings.

Whatever you have discovered and in whatever soil or clay, the object has assumed the same colour and structure as the surrounding soil. If you dig without a pinpointer, you have to examine every small lump of clay that comes out of the hole. When using a pinpointer, you can find the treasure’s exact position, so you don’t damage it when digging.

Metal detector with built-in pinpointer

Many metal detectors have a built-in pinpointer, but it’s not the same as a handheld model. With the pinpointer on the metal detector, you cannot search down the hole precisely as with a real pinpointer. Most handheld pinpointers are used without any settings or adjustments. There are many new models and which one to choose is a matter of taste. Most major metal detector manufacturers now have their pinpointers. Often you can get a reasonable price if you buy a package with both a metal detector and pinpointer.

Fisher F-Puls

Buy pinpointer

The Fisher F-Puls is a new pinpointer from the world’s largest manufacturer of metal detectors and pinpointers. A pinpointer with the latest pulse induction technique works just as well in saltwater as freshwater. Sound and vibration. Led lighting. Three levels of sensitivity. “Lost mode” and automatic shutdown. Waterproof to 2 meters. Larger detection range. New durable material. Belt clip.

Garrett Pro-Pointer II

Garrett Pro-Pointer II. Sound and vibration. 360 ° detection range. Built-in LED lamp, Scraper blade, Belt holder. A durable classic among pinpointers.

Teknetics Tek-Point

A new pinpointer from Teknetics with pulse induction provides more accurate detection than the VLF technology. Extra sensitive to small objects. Waterproof to 2 meters. Sound and vibration. Led lighting. Extra strong material. “Lost mode” and automatic shutdown. Belt clip.

White Bullseye-TRX

White Bullseye-TRX-Pinpointer Sound and Vibration, Automatic Ground Balance, Waterproof to 3 meters, good battery life.

Makro Pointer

A pinpoint with 360-degree detection. Sound and vibration. Strong led lamp. Sensitivity adjustment. It comes with a belt holder, two extra sleeves, and a finds pouch.

Buy A Waterproof Pinpointer

Some pinpointers have a side shaped like a scraping blade, which is useful if you have to root a lot with it. There are various degrees of water resistance, from those that can withstand wet soil and sand to those that can be used underwater. If you want a small metal detector for underwater detection, then look at the option of choosing a waterproof pinpointer. Get a belt clip, so it is easy to access and sits securely in the belt.

Some tips on using Metal Detector and Pinpointer underwater.

Remember! Bring new batteries when you go out into the fields, it is very annoying to discover that the battery is exhausted when you need your pinpointer. It’s easy to forget your pinpointer in the grass when you move on after digging a hole. Attaching it to the belt or the holder with a string is a good idea. A bright colour also makes it easier to find if you lose it after all.

To keep in mind when you buy PINPOINTER !!

  • Easy to use, on / off or with setting options.
  • Waterproof or at least safe from rain and moisture.
  • Robust, so it holds rooting around.
  • Audible signal, vibration or both.
  • If it needs light, some have an LED in the shaft.
  • Easy to change the battery.
  • How it is stored, belt clip.
  • Buy an established brand, and you will be satisfied.

Good luck!