Dump digging – Bottle Digging

Dump digging & Bottle Digging

Digging up old bottles and other things from old garbage dumps is perhaps an unusual hobby, but the finds can be valuable.

Digging out old dumps and garbage dumps, bottle digging, can it be fun? Yes actually. For hundreds of years, people have thrown things on different heaps, things that they at the time considered as junk. Now much later maybe the same thing is an antique.

Digging Old bottles

It is perhaps not the most beautiful things that have ended up on the dump, but there are often other conditions that determine whether it is worth something today. Digging out a bottle that is a hundred years old is exciting, whether worth a lot of money or not. Not to mention all other gadgets, known and unknown, that you can find.

Where to find garbage dumps?

Where can you find your nice dump? Around all villages and communities, in all times, they have thrown their garbage in different places. Places that have often been common to the area. But the more scattered farms usually had their own dump.

You can search in areas where garbage has likely been thrown in earlier times. Look in old ravines, more massive ditches, slopes, and pits. Search In places where there have been old houses or some form of business or factory. Villages and cities always have several dumps around them. Further back, it was not even so organized, but you threw things where it was suited for the day.

Dump digging bottles

Dump digging finds

The most common thing you will find that is reasonably intact is a bottle. Everything that lies in the soil gets destroyed. But bottles, glasses, porcelain, metal can at least survive for some time without being damaged. Other things you can find are ceramics, knives, buttons, stoneware and a lot of different things. Often you do not know what it is that you have found. Ok, when you find a bottle, you know, but there are many other things that you don’t have a clue about what it can be.

Different dumps may have slightly different content. It differs between a dump from a collection of farmhouses, a more magnificent mansion or a factory.

Dump digging finds

Old maps

It is exciting to look at old maps. If you know the place on the map as it seems today, you can be amazed at how much it has changed. Perhaps you will find farms that today have disappeared and can see where there may have been a dump nearby.

Maps of the National Archives: https://riksarkivet.se/geometriska

Historical maps The Land Survey: https://historiskakartor.lantmateriet.se/historiskakartor/search.html

Equipment for dump and Bottle digging

Suitable gloves that do not break and are capable of picking glass. Shovel to dig with, of course, both a large and a smaller. Something to take the stuff home with, plastic trays or cardboard boxes. Some old newspapers can act as packing material if you find something that you need to pack when you bring it home.

Dump digging

Dump digging with a metal detector

It can be many hours of digging before you find something that is interesting or that has any value, a collector’s item or antique.
A metal detector can be useful for getting an indication that there is a lot of metal collected in one place. That, in turn, shows that it can be an old dump. Be careful if you find a bottle or something else that can be fragile, dig a little around it before you detach it from the ground. If it has been buried for a long time, it is often weak and easily broken when you try to lift it.

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