Gold panning equipment

Equipment for GOLD prospecting

Finding gold or panning gold is quite simple. All that is needed is a shovel, big or small, and a Gold pan. From the beginning, Gold prospectors used any old baking or pie tin. It works fine if the gold is a little more significant nuggets.

Gold panning equipment
Gold pan

Gold exploration

Today, there are Gold pans that are suitable for fine micro gold. A simple pan is the only investment you need to make for many hours of fun searching for gold. Then there is a lot of extra equipment that you can buy or build, but that usually comes at a later stage.

Gold panning equipment
A complete Gold panning package
Gold panning equipment
Gold panning kit from Garrett

Gold panning equipment

There are packages with both pan, classifier and some accessories at a good price. It can be an excellent deal to look at one of these kits if you are interested in Gold panning. You then have everything you need at once. The important thing is not what kind of equipment you have, but that you can find the right place. Read Find gold in Sweden.

Prospecting for Gold

So get a pan and create a future as a gold digger. I don’t sell any gadgets, but this site links to good stuff from different distributors.

Chair or seating

GOOD LUCK, and remember location, location, location.