Good cheap metal detector

Good cheap metal detector

There are not many places selling good cheap metal detectors in Sweden, but there are some after all. In the UK and many other countries in Europe, one can expect to find a dealer in almost every city. In Sweden, it is the restrictive granting of permit that makes it a small market. Then, of course, we have a somewhat limited time during the year that it is possible to go metal detecting if you want pleasant weather. If you’re going to try, being a detectorist is something for you, and I am sure it is, then it does not have to cost a lot.

Gold and Silver detector

Buy an excellent inexpensive metal detector and try it over the summer, and you will get hooked, especially if you find something exciting. All metal detectors will find all metals, including Gold and Silver, so you’ll be making exciting finds. You will always find something. You will be amazed at what you can detect, just in your yard or lawn. 

Do not buy the very cheapest but go for one that has a little opportunity to adjust and set for a better experience and more discoveries. Most detectors in this price range start and go. But there is some possibility to adapt the detector when you begin to learn a little about the technology.

Metal detector in Denmark

Our neighbours in Denmark have completely different conditions for using metal detectors. The legislation is more liberal against metal detectors and the active season is longer. Thus, there is a more excellent selection of suppliers and sales outlets. Zeejuu has a wide range of detectors and accessories in all price ranges, all at excellent prices, low shipping costs and fast, secure delivery. Here are some of their superb cheap metal detectors. Metal detectors that give an excellent start to your path as a detectorist. All at a perfect price. Have a look.

Bounty hunter tracker IV

Good cheap metal detector Bounty Hunter

Bounty hunter is a very affordable detector. It is an American metal detector, one of the best-selling models in the United States. Analog display of target indication. Automatic ground control. 8 “replaceable, waterproof search coil. It’s easy to use and get you going, a perfect entry detector.

Fisher F11

Good cheap metal detector Fisher F11

From one of the world’s largest manufacturers of metal detectors comes F11. Fisher F11 is an advanced metal detector, but still user-friendly. The first metal detector in Fisher’s F series. F11 has three preset search modes. Six adjustable levels of sensitivity and volume. 3-ton target indication. The display shows search results in 9 different steps and a 7″ waterproof search coil.

Kjell & company metal detectors

Kjell & company has a couple of metal detectors in the cheaper price range, but a suitable detector for those who have not decided whether to become a detectorist. Ideal if you want to try, or if you have lost something that you need to find. 

The cheapest is the CS100 Metal Detector. A simple metal detector that works well in favourable conditions. The cheaper models usually work perfectly well, seeing things not too deeply buried. Even when you don’t need to discriminate between different finds, and you dig almost everything. If you want to find gold, for example, you have to dig for all signals, almost. It has a waterproof coil and headphone jack.

Affordable metal detector

The next step is the CS 400, which is a more advanced metal detector. Here are several setting options. Among other things, Ground Balance, sensitivity, volume and a full display for discrimination. Waterproof search coil and headphone jack.

Good cheap metal detector at Conrad

At Conrad, there is a wide range of slightly cheaper detectors. Practical entry models if you want to search for metals, coins and the like. Here are some models with sensitivity setting and discrimination, to examine a little closer.

Metal detector from Banggood

Banggood has metal detectors, mostly from lesser-known brands. Many have the functional capacity concerning the price. Look around if you find someone interesting. Here are some that are sufficient for a little treasure hunting on your holiday.

Good metal detector

If you want to take a step further in performance, there are plenty to choose from. On the Buy Metal Detector page, you can read some tips on what to think of, when buying a metal detector. There, I have listed some models of metal detectors that are step up in performance but not too expensive. These models offer a completely different opportunity to adapt their search to different environments and areas.