Magnet fishing

Magnet fishing

🔷 Do you want to try a hobby that is cheap and that everyone old and young can participate in.?

🔷 A hobby that occasionally provides some surprising and perhaps valuable discoveries?

Try magnet fishing!

Magnet Fishing Guide

One hobby that is becoming more and more common today is that you go out fishing, but not for fish with a hook but with a magnet and fish for metal finds, so-called Magnet fishing. With a rope and a powerful magnet, you can make excellent finds. You will find a lot of scraps too, but you will get that as a bonus😀. I hope you find enjoyable and useful information on magnet fishing on this site and in this guide.

Holiday hobby

Magnet fishing is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or where you live. Both children and adults find it exciting to have a strike and never be quite sure what it can be. Sometimes you don’t know what it is, even when you land it. There are always one or more rivers and lakes in the area that are good and suitable for magnetic fishing.

Of course, it is best if there have been a lot of people on the move where you are magnet fishing. Okay, if you live in the middle of the forest, miles from water, it may be difficult, but you can always take advantage of some magnet fishing on your holiday. A rope and a magnet take up almost no space so that it can follow everywhere.

Environmental work

Magnetic fishing is an exciting hobby and good for the environment if done gently. Magnetic fishing is a combination of treasure hunting and environmental work. Although the feeling of the treasure hunt is what drives most people, it is positive for the environment that a lot of scraps and environmentally hazardous substances are taken up from the bottom of lakes and watercourses. Just be careful not to pull up the municipality’s electric cable, if there is one in the lake.

Magnet Fishing magnets

Magnetic fishing equipment

Magnetic fishing equipment is the easiest possible; all you need is a strong rope and a strong magnet. The type of magnet most commonly used today is neodymium magnets. There are magnets of many different sizes and strengths. Neodymium magnets are powerful; some magnets pull several hundred kilos.

If such a super magnet sticks firmly to an object at the bottom, there is little chance to pull it off. The magnet should not be too weak either, as things are stuck in the mud on the bottom. Metal that`s been in the water rust and rust on the metal causes the magnet to get a less firm grip.

Here’s a real super magnet — ideal for magnetic fishing.

Powerful Super Magnets

For an adult, you can start with a magnet with a tensile strength of about 100-200 kg. If you find a bicycle or safe, then you may need a stronger magnet. You can have several magnets of different strength with you to try. You might get a Strike on something weighty that you can’t pull in with the weaker magnet, then you can change and attach a stronger magnet to the rope and try again.
There should be a loop or hole in the magnet so that you can securely fasten the rope to the magnet. Remember that the tensile strength of the rope must exceed the tensile strength of the magnet with the right margin. Otherwise, you will pull up a broken cord.

Equipment for magnet fishing

✅A strong neodymium magnet with a loop or hole in it, where you can attach a loose loop. Also, remember to have something to store the magnet. If you put it loosely in the tailgate of the car, it will inevitably get stuck in all the metal around it. A wooden box works well.

A flexible rope or cord that can withstand the tensile strength of the magnet with a good margin.

A carbine hook so you can attach the end of the cable to something, so you don’t throw the full length into the creek. A good loop also works well.

Superglue and electrical tape. The glue is poured into the screw thread if it is a screwed loop so that it does not unscrew when you repeatedly pull the rope and magnet across the bottom. The tape is wrapped around the rope a few inches from the magnet so that it is protected and not scraped off.

A pair of gloves, there will be a lot of scraps that stick to the magnet, and it can be challenging to get rid of, and it can be sharp and dirty.

Boots, if it is not warm and on a beach.

✅A wooden shaft with a grappling hook on it can be useful for lifting the treasure the last bit.

✅ Something to collect the finds, and the scrap in, buckets, jars, boxes.


Neodymium Magnets – Permanent Magnets

Neodymium magnets (NdFeB magnets) or super magnets are the most common magnets of so-called rare-earth metals. It is an alloy between neodymium, iron and boron. It is the strongest type of permanent magnet and has a high resistance to being de-magnetized. They are, however, comparatively somewhat brittle and can crack if excessive force occurs.

So, for example, do not drill into the magnet because it will shatter. Many neodymium magnets are therefore coated with a protective surface, to protect against impact and rust. If the magnet is not covered with a protective coating, you can arrange it yourself with different water-resistant colours.

Magnets at Clas Ohlson

Clas Ohlson has neodymium magnets with a pulling power of up to 50 kg. Maybe a bit small, but good enough to try magnetic fishing. The problem with that model is that it has an open hook, but if you replace it with a closed-loop, it works well. Or if you bend the hook into a loop. Otherwise, it will fall off the rope, and someone else will find it, with a magnet😀. But it`s good enough for trying out magnet fishing, maybe on vacation.

Sensitive Neodymium Magnets

❗ Remember that neodymium magnets are fragile and can crack upon impact, so attach it properly if you are going to do something with it. The ideal is to have a magnet that has a fixed, closed-loop. Most of them have loops that can be unscrewed, so you have to loosen it and fill the thread with a suitable glue so that it can not extract itself.

❗ If you buy a magnet without a loop, which only has a hole in the middle, you have to install a loop. Remember that the magnet side to attach to your finds cannot have a bolt or screw sticking out, then it will not work correctly. That is why the hole in the magnets is submerged.

Super Magnets for Magnet fishing

The magnetic energy value in Neodymium magnets is about 18 times greater than regular permanent magnets. The magnetic properties depend on manufacturing technology and alloy. These super magnets can be very powerful, and you have to be careful when handling them.

A Warning 👿 Especially applies to children
If you get a finger in between when a magnet with high traction attaches to the metal, it can cause severe damage. Also, keep credit cards and mobile phones at a proper distance from the magnet.

Info Neodymium magnets

Magnet fishing line and rope

The rope or cord must be of excellent and robust type. It must exceed the tensile strength of the magnet. In boat shops, there are usually good ropes. But there are good ropes and lines in most tool and machine shops. Which rope you prefer is a matter of taste.
A rope that is a little coarser is generally easier to handle as it becomes a bit more to hold and is usually stronger. On the other hand, a thinner line can be experienced as more comfortable to get a feel for, where and how the magnet works. Here are some ropes and cords that may be suitable for magnetic fishing.

Magnet Fishing rops

The right place for magnet fishing

And then you need an excellent place to be, of course. Many sites are suitable for magnetic fishing.
❗ First of all, it must not be too deep; you pull in the magnet along the bottom.
❗ Secondly, it is best if it is not too muddy and full of branches and tree trunks where the magnet can get stuck.
❗The next thing is pretty obvious, magnet fish in places where there are or have been people and activities. Bathing places, both new and old, are excellent places.

Old maps

Old maps can give tips on exciting places for magnetic fishing. If you have a map that shows what a place looked like a few hundred years ago, you can almost certainly find places, now abandoned, which can be good places for magnetic fishing. Around bridges and docks, both new and old that may bee disappeared today. Maybe there was a mill or a smithy at some watercourse; then there can be exciting treasures in the water outside.

places for Magnet Fishing

Almost all cities and communities have streams and creeks that flow through. There it is guaranteed to be thrown and fallen a lot of stuff into the water. Most will be just scrap and rubbish, but some will be exciting finds. What is a treasure for one person can be a scrap for another and vice versa.

Magnet fishing finds

What can you find with your magnet? Well, everything that is metallic, almost. Knives, cash registers, coins, ammunition, jars, tools, fishing gear, iron bars, bicycles, shopping carts are some of the things you can find if you try magnetic fishing.

Gold and Silver

Unfortunately, precious metals such as gold and silver are not magnetic, so you can only get them if they are, for example, sitting on a piece of jewellery that has other metals in it. Or if they are in a metallic container of some kind. Maybe a safe from some unknown, or known, old coup.

Magnet Fishing finds

Find coins magnet fishing

You can get old coins if they are of an older model. In the past, many coins were made with iron and, they stuck well to a magnet. It wasn’t long ago that the use of iron in coins was stopped, coins that stuck to a magnet. Also, some newer coins such as SEK 5 from 1972 get stuck on a magnet. However, it is not a silver coin but consists of copper-nickel.

Find weapons with magnet

From time to time, both guns and ammunition are found by magnet fishers. If you find weapons or ammunition, contact the police immediately. If its been in the water for a long time, its probably not a high risk that it`s something dangerous, but you can never know. Also, be sure to clean up after your fishing, there will be a lot of garbage gathered around you as you fish. Throw seagrass and mud back and throw the trash in the assigned place.

Is magnetic fishing legal?

Magnet fishing legality is a pretty fuzzy area as it is a relatively new hobby. If you go to public areas, then I don’t think there should be any problems. The municipality reasonably considers that it is a good thing to have their watercourses cleared from scrap (and some other finds to😀).
You can listen with the municipality about where it might be okay to throw in a magnet and pull up some treasures. There may be places in streams and lakes where it may be inappropriate for magnetic fishing for various reasons.

Always take the highest possible environmental considerations, there are many other places to magnetic fish on if there would be a stop at some area due to the environment. There are, for example, fish or plants that may be sensitive to interference, power cables or fish farms.

Magnet fishing permit

If you come to a private watercourse, then you must, of course, ensure that you have the landowner’s permission. I do not think that the public right extends to the full extent of magnetic fishing. If you only take environmental considerations, then I don’t think you will have any problems, possibly with curious onlookers who think you are a bit hm. . . different. 😋
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