Metal Detecting Sweden

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Are you interested in Metal Detectors, Gold panning, Magnet fishing, outdoor life, etc.? This page gives you advice and tips. What you need and how to get started.

Metal Detector Finds

I have been metal detecting for many years and found vast fortunes… not exactly, I have found. Gold, Coins, Chains, Rings and Buttons, but most of it has been nails, screws, metal pieces, tent sticks and similar scrap, but every time has been equally exciting and fun.

Metal Detectorist ⭐

Metal detecting is a hobby that takes you out from your computer and TV to the fresh air, where you get to enjoy nature. You also get to walk and dig a lot, a great way to get exercise, relaxation and excellent stress management.

Metal detector in Sweden

Even if you’ve never metal detected before, it’s easy to get started. All modern detectors are easy to use; the basic settings are good enough to start your treasure hunt. At home, you can share information with friends and family, and learn from other enthusiasts about their discoveries and findings through the Internet.

Panning for Gold 🌟

To find and pan gold has become a popular hobby and finding gold is not as difficult as you might think. Look at the Gold map, and you will see that there is Gold almost everywhere in the country.

Metal detecting is very addictive in a positive way. When you go out one summer morning to birds singing and with the sun rising, you know that TODAY, you will make an exciting discovery, and even if there is no real great find, you still feel satisfied with nature, the birds, the air, the sun and freedom. WONDERFULL.